"TheList" (Apr 2017 rev'd) is generated by the
Public Safety Department of the State of Hawaii.
Publishing "TheList" here is a public service 'only'
and for convenience to find contact information
concerning individuals the State of Hawaii believes
competent to serve civil process statewide.  
 Please be advised, HLS does not endorse,
recommend or vouch for the competency or
experience of the individuals on "TheList" except
Process Servers working at or contracted by HLS.

  Importantly, Hawaii State service laws and  court
rules, with a few exceptions, allow any person over
the age of 18 years and not a party to the suit to serve
civil process within the jurisdiction of Hawaii, i.e.,
civil subpoena, civil summons, small claims, family
court motions, and most orders.
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Server Honolulu,
" TheList "
Revised: 2018
Haw Revised Statutes, §353C-10  Service of process; list.    
(a)  For service of process, the director shall maintain a list of
independent civil process servers to process:
Orders to show cause pursuant to chapters 603, 604, & 633;
Garnishment pursuant to chapter 652;
Writs of replevin and attachment pursuant to chapter 634;
Writs of possession pursuant to chapters 501 and 666;
Orders for examination pursuant to chapter 636; and
Writs of attachment or execution pursuant to chapter 651.