Methods:  Hand Delivery, U.S. Mail, FedEx,  UPS, & most
private shipping companies.

Suggestion:  If you need proof of delivery or tracking. Please
use U.S. Mail Priority, FedEx, DHL, UPS etc. with "Tracking".

eMail:   you may eMail your court papers in PDF format (first
30 pages free) to:
eMail: staff@ProcessServerHawaii.com

- HLS Office -
HLS office is located in downtown Honolulu. For office
staff and Process Server safety, HLS's office is secure  
location inaccessible to the public. If you telephone HLS,
a staffer or Server will meet a client downtown such as
courthouse or other convenient location. If for whatever
reason a customer/client does not agree with HLS having
a secure office. Sorry, use another process service office.

- Definitions: ROUTINE / RUSH / SAMEDAY -

ROUTINE:  means the paper must have a first attempt
within 4 days (Oahu Island)
RUSH:  means the paper must be attempted within 48
hours of when received (Oahu Island).
SAMEDAY:  means the legal paper is to be attempted or
served the same day it is received (Oahu Island).

- Definition:  Flat Fee -
HLS will make multiple service attempts at one address
the client provides and will continue to regularly attempt
service until such time as the Process Server decides the
client provided address is "not serve-able" for reasons
such as the Target doesn't reside thereat; the property
was inaccessible due to fencing &/or no trespass
signage; surrounding moat with alligators &/or gun
turrets; other matters restricting access.

Your documents first 30 pages (per service) are  
included in the process service fee.
Additional pages are 15¢.  
If your documents have certain color seals and you want those
seals in color. Please note those seals in your information so HLS
can do its best to color print those page(s).

- Definition -
Defined as process service under conditions with a fixed date,
time &/or location (i.e., passenger arrival or departure at airport,
courthouse appearance, child visitation pick-up or drop-off,
intercept target at specific meeting or engagement) and is not
considered a routine Flat Fee service.

- Definition: KAMA`AINA (as used by HLS) -

1)  Kama`aina discount fees are limited to service of process on
the Island of Oahu.

2)  Kama`aina eligibility is limited to a customer residing or
office located in the State of Hawaii, including pro se,
incarcerated, lawyers, law offices, businesses, and military
personnel (stationed in Hawaii).

3)  Kama`aina eligibility does not include former Hawaii
residents not presently located in the State of Hawaii.

4)  HLS reserves the right to not provide Kama`aina fee discount
to any person or business for any legal reason.

5)  HLS Kama`aina Fee Schedule is below and on PDF, and
subject to change at any time.

Unless discussed prior to your documents  being received at HLS
office. Your case should be ready or ripe for process service or
soon there after the documents arrive at HLS office. HLS is flexible,
but not a fool. If you send your documents to HLS for some
off-in-the-future date to be served than please inform HLS so your
documents are placed on "HOLD". Otherwise, HLS may place your
documents on the street to serve. HLS is more than good at
service of process but shitty at reading minds.  Please
communicate your case to HLS so we minimize a problem
problem it arises.

HLS accepts payment by cash, checks, and online at  


>   Unless otherwise agreed, all process services are payment in
advance. Exceptions are Law Offices in Hawaii and  long standing
business relationship and/or NAPPS FAPPS HAPPS GAPPS
      *** REFUND ***
HLS will provide full refund if client timely cancels a job request
prior to HLS performing a significant part of the service or
preparation for service. It is the responsibility of the client to
communicate to HLS to cancel  the job requested and demand for
refund. If you are demanding a refund based upon canceling a
job-request. Be smart, communicate your cancellation & refund
both by email and telephonically.
HLS may be reached 24/7 at (808) 599-3681).
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