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    Domesticate Subpoena    
         Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act         
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Hawaii Subpoena
Served Out-of-State
SUBPOENA Served In Hawaii
Fairness To
Opposing Party And Counsel

A lawyer shall not:
. . .
(d)  advise or cause a person to secrete himself
or herself or to leave the jurisdiction of a tribunal
for the purpose of making the person unavailable
as a witness therein;

Rule 3.4, Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct,
Hawaii Supreme Court (Jan. 1, 2014)
Uniform Interstate Depositions
and Discovery Act

624D-1  Short title
624D-2  Definitions
624D-3  Issuance of subpoena
624D-4  Service of subpoena
624D-5  Deposition, production,
            and inspection
624D-6  Application to court
624D-7  Application to pending actions

Domesticate Foreign State
Subpoena Into Hawaii Court

1)   Court Filing Fee $0.00
The Hawaii Circuit Courts does not
charge a filing fee to commence
domesticating another State's

2)  Subpoena Fee $49  
draft & readying plus Depo Notice for
court issuance.

3)  Process Service Fees
are separate -- goto PS

4)  Notice of Deposition
The Court Clerk will not file a Subpoena
and/or Subpoena Duces Tecum ("SDT")
unless a Depo Notice is included with
the filing. Please, I have heard all the
reasons a Depo Notice may not be
necessary. HLS is not gonna sell your
story circuit court clerk.  If you do not
intend to provide a Notice of Depo . . .  
don't even contact HLS.

5)  Witness-Mileage Checks
Its strongly recommended to issue
Witness Fee checks because not all
businesses are litigation neophytes. A
failure to tender witness-mileage check
may open door to quash a non-party
Subpoena. You decide.

Normally, HLS does not charge printing
fees unless your Subpoena and/or Depo
Notice are voluminous.  (10¢ per page)  

HLS does not advance fees except
"may be" witness fee/mileage checks.

H.R.S §621-1  Subpoena, issue of.  
The clerks of the several courts
shall issue writs of subpoena as
provided by the rules of court or
by statute.  Except as otherwise
provided, the clerks shall issue
to any prosecuting officer, and
to any party plaintiff or
defendant, in any cause, civil or
criminal, pending before such
courts, or to the counsel of the
party, writs of subpoena for
witnesses, in blank, so that the
names of the witnesses to be
summoned may be inserted after
the issuing of the writs.
[L 1876, c
32, §1; am imp L 1905, c 39, §95; am imp L
1907, c 118, §116; RL 1925, §2556; am
imp L 1932 1st, cc 1, 13, §1; RL 1935,
§3810; RL 1945, §9821; RL 1955, §222-1;
am L 1957, c 124, §1; am L 1963, c 85, §3;
HRS §621-1; am L 1972, c 104, §1(a)]

Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedures
Rule 45 Subpoena
a)   . . .
b)   . . .
c) Service. A subpoena may be served
at any place within the State. A
subpoena may be served: (1) anywhere
in the State by the sheriff or deputy
sheriff or by any other person who is
not a party and is not less than 18
years of age; or (2) in any county by
the chief of police or a duly
authorized subordinate.
Service of a
subpoena upon a person named therein
shall be made by delivering a copy
thereof to such person
and by
tendering to such person the fees for
one day's attendance and the mileage
allowed by law
. When the subpoena is
issued on behalf of the State or a
county, or an officer or agency of
the State or a county, fees and
mileage need not be tendered.
(italicze added for emphasis)

Yes - - Hawaii Legal Services (HLS) assist to draft &/or use your drafted Subpoena to
court file (Domesticate) in a foreign state Court in compliance with the  
Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, HawRev'dStats 624D to serve and enforce.  

Yes - - HLS is
not an office of lawyers.  We are paralegals and Civil Process Servers.

Yes - - HLS does
not loose sight of litigation costs !!  At HLS, we endeavor to minimize
costs where we can, and keep a case timely moving forward and within budget.