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COURTS of HAWAII           
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Hawaiʻi State Judiciary:
  •    Supreme Court of Hawaiʻi
  •    Intermediate Court of Appeals
  •    Land & Tax Appeal Court
  •    Family Courts   
  •    District Courts               
  •    Traffic Court:    
  •    eCourt: For access to traffic cases, District Court criminal, Circuit Court criminal,
                           Family Court criminal (adults) and appellate cases  
  •    Ho`ohiki:  For access to civil case information filed in the Circuit and Family Courts  
                               and certain civil cases of the District Courts (small and regular claims)

  •     Office of the Administrative Director of the Courts  (100% useless)

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Are You Tired Of Getting No Help ?
Are you tired of asking for help from Govt. Offices and programs,
with nothing changing for the better? Than may be its time to go
elsewhere and learn to fight battles over child support or child
custody or child visitation without Govt. offices and bureaucrats paid
to help you but stead they tell you go here and than go there and
later go again until you're dizzy from going in circles. In the end, you
still get no damn relief.

Unless you have money money money to buy a fancy lawyer, who  
probably won't take your calls after he/she cashes the check. Than
you need to learn to fight and make the system hear you roar!

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