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Ombudsman Office
Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: (808) 587-0770

The Office of the Ombudsman, created in  
1967, investigates complaints by the public
against any state or county executive
agency, but its powers are limited.

The negative:
The "O" Office is slower than lava.
Legal HELP Lawyers

Handle on the Law

Hawaii BAR Association

Calif Bar Ass'n

Native Hawaiian Bar Ass'n

Attorneys in Philippines
Low Income Legal Help

Legal Aid Society of Hawaii
Oahu:  808-536-4302
Kona:  808-329-3910
for more info

Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii
Oahu:  808-528-7046
Toll Free statewide: 800- 839-5200

Low Cost Legal Services
Michael A. Glenn, Esq.
Tel:  808-523-3079

Consumer Lawyers Referral Service
Tel: 1-888-518-9898

Eric Seitz
Honolulu, Hi 96813
Tel: 808-533-7434

Thomas Farrell
Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: 808-535-8464

Child Support Enforcement

Military Interstate Children’s
Compact Commission
Power of Attorney
and Notary Services

Pro Se..

Mortgage Scam
Maryland v. Wilson,
519 U.S. 408, 424 (1997)
(Kennedy, J., dissenting).
Mark Abrell
Waianae, HI 96792
(808) 954-0933