"The List" (Jan 2016 rev'd) is generated by the
Public Safety Department of the State of Hawaii.
  HLS post The List as a public service 'only'
and for convenience to contact information
concerning individuals the State of Hawaii
believes competent to serve civil process
   HLS does not endorse, recommend nor
vouch for the competency or experience of any
individuals on The List, except individuals on
The List that are
member of the Hawaii
Process Server Commission "HPSC".

 Importantly, any person whether on or not on
the list and residing in Hawaii, over the age of
18 years, and not a party to the suit may
lawfully serve process in-state including civil
Subpoenas, civil Summons, family court
motions, decrees, and most orders of the court.
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Hawaii, Legal Paper Service, Hawaii Messenger Document, Hilo Process
er, Maui Process Server, Kauai Process Server, Oahu Process Server
Honolulu Process, HPSCcess
" The List "
The List
rev'd: Jan 2016