SECTION 1. Clerk to issue summons . . .
SEC. 2. Contents . . .
SEC. 3. By whom served — The summons may be served by the sheriff, his deputy, or other proper
court officer, or for justifiable reasons by any suitable person authorized by the court issuing the summons.
SEC. 4. Return.— When the service has been completed, the server shall, within five (5) days therefrom,
serve a copy of the return, personally or by registered mail, to the plaintiffs counsel, and shall return the
summons to the clerk who issued it, accompanied by proof of service. (6a)
SEC. 5. Issuance of alias summons.— If a summons is returned without being served on any or all of the
defendants, the server shall also serve a copy of the return on the plaintiffs counsels stating the reasons for
the failure of service, within five (5) days therefrom. In such a case, or if the summons has been lost, the
clerk, on demand of the plaintiff, may issue an alias summons. (4a)
SEC. 6. Service in person on defendant.— Whenever practicable, the summons shall be served
by handing a copy thereof to the defendant in person, or, if he refuses to receive and sign for it, by tendering it
to him. (7a)
SEC. 7. Substituted service.— If, for justifiable causes, the defendant cannot be served within a
reasonable time as provided in the preceding section, service may be effected (a) by leaving copies of the
summons at the defendant's residence with some person of suitable age and discretion then residing therein,
or (b) by leaving the copies at defendant's office or regular place of business with some competent person in
charge thereof. (8a)
SEC. 8. Service upon entity without juridical personality.— When persons associated in an
entity without juridical personality ar