TheList  (PDF below) was established by Hawaii State Public
Safety Department ("PSD") pursuant to
HRS §353C-10  to identify
Civil Process Servers statewide authorized to serve civil process
beyond the basic HCRP Rule 4 service of process (e.g., at least 18
years age and not a party to the case).  
Authorized Civil Process Servers have authority to serve the usual
Rule 4 court documents services (i.e., summons, subpoena) as well
as court issued writs that include:
  • Order to Show Cause pursuant to chapters 603, 604 & 633
  • Garnishment pursuant to chapter 652-2.5
  • Writs of Replevin and Attachment pursuant to chapter 634
  • Writs of Possession pursuant to chapters 501 and 666
  • Orders for Examination pursuant to 636  
  • Writs of Attachment & Execution pursuant to chapter 651   
go see HRS §353C-10

TheList is generated by PSD and as a public service only is posted here.  
This re-post by Hawaii Legal Services (HLS) does not endorse those listed
nor confirm contact information on

In addition, HLS does not recommend nor vouch for the competency or
experience of any individual on
TheList .  

 You are on your own!
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