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Hawaii's Service Laws
"usual place of abode"
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Puckett v. Puckett, 16 P.3d 876, 94 Haw 471 (ICA 2000)
... the amount of child support owed, or to enforce an existing order of child support, if the
individual to whom process is directed cannot be found, service may be made by leaving copies
of the pleading and process at his dwelling house or
usual place of abode with some ...."

Matter of Lease Cancellation of Smith, 719 P. 2d 397, 68 Haw 466 (Haw 1986)

Shurman v. Atlantic Mortg. & Inv. Corp., 795 So. 2d 952 (Florida 2001)
... Following an evidentiary hearing on Shurman's motion, the trial court concluded that
Shurman's "usual place of abode" for purposes of serving process under section 48.031, Florida
Statutes (1997), was the residence where he lived with his wife prior to his incarceration and ...

Sheldon v. Fettig, 919 P. 2d 1209, 1213 (Wash. 1996).
The term "usual place of abode" is used in the statute because it is the place at which the
defendant is most likely to receive notice of the pendency of a suit.
... "[U]sual place of abode" must be taken to mean such center of one's domestic activity that
service left with a family member is reasonably calculated to come to one's attention within the
statutory period for defendant to appear.